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martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Magic Fire

Top en ventas Magic Fire para iPhone, iPad y iPos Touch
(en español "Fuego Mágico" y en Française "Feu Magique")

The initial password for the instructions is 0000 and you must change it ASAP to protect the secret of your App.

Dominate the power of fire with this amusing and yet enigmatic application. 

With it you’ll be able to dominate the fire as you will and predict the election of the people.

This, apparently simple application, will let you show to everybody that you’re able to light on 4 matchsticks in your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) with a simulated movement so real, that includes high quality sounds and images with support for iPad and Retina Display (for iPhone 4).

The matchsticks remain ON until you do a little shake of your device, then the matches will turn off. This works like that all the time and you can even, give your device to others to prove it.

The Magic begins when you ask to somebody that hold the device and, after you have show him many times that always all the 4 matches turn off, now you ask him to pick one of the sticks shown at the screen.

When he tells you his selection, and while HE is holding the device, you, swipe your finger to start the 4 matchsticks, but now you ask him blow slightly over the flames in the screen (or you can do it) and magically the matches start to turn off, EXCEPT the one that the person chose! … That is archived thanks to your incredible mental and fire domain power.

After that, you can leave the device in his hands and dare him to do what you just did … obviously he wont do that, given that you, and only you are the Master of the fire with Magic Fire.

Turn yourself in a real magician and surprise everybody with your power to dominate the fire and show the impressive that is your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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